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Taking food into our bodies is not enough to keep us alive and growing. The food must be changed so that it can be used by the body, this process is called digestion. In the mouth, the saliva helps break down starches. When food has been moistened and crushed in the mouth, it travels to the stomach. Here, the juices from the stomach wall are mixed with the food, helping to break down proteins into simpler forms to aid digestion. The starches continue to break down until the material in the stomach becomes too acid.  

                The materials in stomach are churned about the mix digestive juices well throughout the food. When the food becomes liquefied it enters the small intestine. In the first part of the small intestine, the duodenum, digestion continues. Juices from the pancreas and liver help to further break down the foods. The breakdown of proteins is finished here, fats are split into finer parts, and starch digestion is completed here. It is also in the small intestine that digested food is absorbed into the blood and lymph. Finally, in the large intestine, water is absorbed and the contents become more solid, so they can leave the body as waste material.

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