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Acupressure- Treatment without medicines

Acupressure- Treatment without medicines

When a person falls ill he immediately visits a doctor after taking a few medications at home where the doctor prescribes him the medicines according to his conditions and illness is going through. Do any of the doctor provide with any other alternatives? The majority answer would be NO and the minority might say SOMETIMES. In case they provide with an alternative then it would be either physiotherapy in case of any pain or hot or cold massage in case of any swelling. The treatment is mostly done by the medicines.
There is another form of treatment which can be easily done by the person at home if the taught and there are also qualified medical professionals available for the same. The treatment is known as Acupressure.
How do we define the word Acupressure?
Acupressure is the therapy or the application in which the manual pressure is used to stimulate specific points on the body along what are considered to be lines of energy. Acupressure utilizes the principles of acupuncture and Chinese medicines. The process of acupressure is basically done with the help of the fingertip or thumb and it does not require any medical types of equipment. We all that the process of acupressure is the form of treatment which does not require any medicine along but it is only a thing or the facts that we should know about Acupressure. No, there is something more.
•    The word Acupressure is the combination of two words which acus and pressure. The word acus is the Latin word which means needle which when combined with the word pressure gives Acupressure.
•    Acupressure helps the mind and body to relieve pain and stress. It improves the blood circulation and unblocks the nerve impulses. This medical process is free of cost since it can be practiced by oneself, in the comfort of the home. Even it can be performed by the people of all ages.
•    It is an easy self-help tool and is painless. It is a practice performed on the regular basis and is effective for the self-healing and self-regulating system. The process of acupressure includes pressing a particular point on the body part.
•    Unlike exercise and physiotherapy, Acupressure does not require thirty minutes or one hour respectively to be effective rather a two-minute process of acupressure daily is more than enough.
We discussed a lot about the process and facts about the Acupressure treatment but are this process carried on the whole body. No, the process of acupressure is not carried on whole rather there are some parts of the body which is used for acupressure process and they are referred to as acupoints.  If a person comes to know about these acupoints then might solve many health problems and live a healthy life. The basic acupoints are found at the end of the body parts like on the palm of both the hand, feet of both the legs.  There are different points on the palm and feet that are beneficial for different parts of the body.
When the person gives pressure to that part he might feel some pain. In case the pain is bearable means if it is less then there is nothing much to worry about but on the other hand if the pain is very much then that part of the body needs a special attention. For example, in case a person has a problem of indigestion and suffers from gastric then there is the point on the palm of the hand. The point is just below the thumb. The severity of pain decides the condition of that body or the status of the disease.
Have you ever thought that though it is a medical process it can cure the disease completely without any medication? It is a topic of big debate and coming to a conclusion of this topic is not so easy. If we talk about the long and chronic disease then the effect of acupressure might get less but it is also true that the effect of the acupressure will be there and the condition of the chronic will not further deteriorate. The effect of acupressure is the best on the short term disease like some back pain; blood pressure falls if it rises immediately etc. It means the process of acupressure is very beneficial for the human health but what are they?
What are the health benefits of acupressure?
•    Acupressure is very effective to minimize the musculoskeletal pain, and other joint pain, back pain, neck pain. This therapy is also good for reducing chronic back pain, mostly upper and lower back pain. Speaking more about the pain, it is helpful to reduce arthritis pain.
•    Acupressure therapy helps in managing the stress in addition to offering relief from various physical strain, strain like muscular distress and/or arthritic spasms.
•    Today the lifestyles of the people have changed a lot. People have become more inclined to the fast food rather than eating the homemade food. The effect of fast food is very bad for the health of the person so acupressure is very much effective for metabolic disorders, inflammation, nervous system disorder, improper food habit etc.
•    We discussed the fast food and the changed lifestyle and its negative effect. The effect is majorly seen in the weight gain of the person and this is a very big issue of these days. People are suffering from over-weight issues. Even in this situation, acupressure plays an important role. There are different acupressure points in our body which are directly connected to the hunger centre of our brain.
•    Acupressure is also during the pregnancy period, it helps to reduce nausea, back pain, morning sickness and also labour pains.
•    Lastly, the acupressure treatment helps to reduce anxiety in the person. In case the anxiety is reduced in the mind of the person, he gets drifted from many diseases.
We discussed a lot of benefits of acupressure on the body of a person but is this enough. Does all that glitters is gold or if a person is well qualified than he cannot make any mistake. These two sentences are totally different from what we are discussing from the beginning but there is some comparison between the both. We are seeing the process of acupressure like something is glittering but can it always be beneficial similarly if there are so many benefits of the acupressure process then can't there be any negative effect of the same. It cannot be possible. Everything comes with pros and cons, nothing is perfect.
•    Acupressure is the slow process, in case a person requires immediate effect then he cannot depend on the process of acupressure.
•    Treatment of acupressure is not effective on the vital organs of the body like liver, kidney, heart, and brain.  They require treatment with medicines.
•    Acupressure cannot be used for the person with the fractured bones and it is not effective in the soft pressure points such as the stomach.
With the details mentioned above, we came to know that the process of acupressure is very easy but is this enough and we should continue the practice of acupressure without any worries. No, it is a medical process and requires a lot of precautions.
What are the precautions that a person should take for and during the acupressure process?
•    It is advised not to conduct the acupressure treatment within four hours of taking any drugs, medications, intoxicating food or drinks or medicinal herbs or if you are on regular medication.
•    The second advice is that the person should not use it immediately before or within half an hour after bathing in hot water, eating a heavy meal or doing the strenuous physical activity.
•    The acupressure treatment should not be performed if you have a known heart condition or suffer from a disorder involving tissue change or degeneration such as chronic arthritis, cancer, cataracts, tumours or varicose veins.
•    It is good for the women who are pregnant but only in the case they bear any type of pain, not always. It is strictly advised not to do it, especially after the first trimester. Also, women should not press any point on the breasts in any type of acupressure treatment.
Even the process of acupressure has some disadvantages and a lot of precautions has to be taken, still, it is advisable to bring this medical treatment for daily use as it reduces the consumption of medicines. If the person consumes less of medicines then it gives a positive effect on the body of the person. Consumption of a large number of medicines has an adverse effect on the life of the person in the future.

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