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Causes and Effects of Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency

The deficiency of vitamin D is mainly caused due to lack of exposure to the correct amount of sunlight and not consuming the correct food items. Most adults are usually not at the risk of this; however, individuals older than 65 years of age and the ones with darker skin are more prone to the deficiency of this particular vitamin. However, in the light of recent times, teens and children also remain in high risk of being deficient in vitamin D due to their unwillingness to participate in outdoor activities and spending most of their time locked inside their own rooms or school buildings. Whether the advancement of technology can or cannot be blamed for this is still in question. These days people can hardly spot children playing in the park. The centre for disease control and protection has released statistics that about a quarter of the population is at risk at suffering due to the inadequacy of vitamin D.

Vitamin D deficiency doesn’t show any specific symptoms, however in particularly severe cases, it can lead to thin, brittle bones, thus inculcating joint pains. The reason behind this is that one of vitamin D’s primary functions is to work with calcium to protect the bones. Apart from this, it is also the reason and prime supplier of muscle health, cell growth and maintaining a good and healthy immune system.
The deficiency of vitamin D can also cause regular fatigues and can increase the chances of being easily infected by bacteria and germs, due to disruption of the immune system.
Deficiency of vitamin D can also lead to anxiety, depression and several mood swings, along with an increased amount of frequent exhaustion, even after maintaining a proper sleep schedule and being well rested.
In some cases, it is noted that the lack of vitamin D has led to a tremendous amount of weight gain in a small period of time. Even though most cases of vitamin D deficiency aren’t that serious, yearly reports of some cases prove that the inadequacy of this particular vitamin could be much worse than people imagine it to be. In recent studies, it has been proven that deficiency of vitamin D not only weakens bones and muscles, but can also be the reason behind severe health conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, etc. Even certain kinds of cancers are related to the vitamin D deficiency, along with Alzheimer’s disease and even schizophrenia.   

Several factors act as the reason behind a person suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. However, most of these factors revolve around the location of a person’s residence. Living in high latitude can lead to inadequate access towards the sun’s ultraviolet-B rays thus leading to a deficiency of vitamin D. Also, areas which are highly polluted tend to absorb the sun rays. Scientific research has also proven that using too much sunscreen or being overweight can prevent the right amount of vitamin D absorption necessary for keeping up with the presence of vitamin D in the body.
Even though, it isn’t fatal, it can lead to a lot of inconveniences for old people. Proper exposure to sunlight is very important in such cases. This is another reason, why old people are asked to sit outside in the sun more often rather than staying shut in. They should also be exposed to a lot of vitamin D containing food items in their diets, such as almond milk, cheese, yogurt, orange juice and eggs. Other items rich in vitamin D are tuna, salmon, fish liver oil, etc.

The treatment for vitamin D deficiency largely depends upon factors such as age, cause of deficiency, metabolic health, etc. Most milk induced food items are however considered as good remedies for the deficiency.
In severe cases, the individual might also need a certain dose of medication in order to restore the lost vitamins in his or her body. Supplements or multivitamins, which are readily available over the counter and can be bought via a simple doctor prescription, are the first and most of the time, only choice for medication.
Keeping everything in mind, the most natural way of gaining back the lost vitamin D still remains through natural methods of in-taking heavy vitamin D rich food and getting enough exposure to natural sunlight.
However, people who have a history of skin abnormalities are requested to consult a doctor before spending too much time under the sunlight. This rule also applies to people vulnerable to sunburn, with a history of skin cancer or individuals with really pale skin.

Maintaining a healthy body weight by taking walks outside can work wonders because it basically serves multiple purposes; staying healthy and fit along with giving you the right amount of sunlight.
The presence of vitamin D in children is extremely necessary for their development, in terms of health, muscle energy, and bone growth. Rickets is one of the serious diseases that can be caused due to the inadequacy of vitamin D in children. This is also important for pregnant woman; if they don’t get adequate sunlight during their pregnancy
Moreover, if the recommendations of TheAmerican Academy of Pediatrics is to be followed, it’s a given theory that all babies must receive a routine supplementation of Vitamin D. Babies not being exposed to the correct amount of Vitamin D can lead to them developing rickets in the early or later stage of their lives. Orange juice and yogurt and possible baby foods that can be given to the children, along with giving the baby atleast one to two hours exposure to sunlight every day.

It’s very important for people to recognize Vitamin D deficiency in its early stages, so as to prevent it from causing further harm to your body. The part of the body affected most by this are the bones. Once the early symptoms of the deficiency comes in notice of the individual, he or she must consult a doctor immediately. This will lead to a certain confirmation of the inadequacy and thus will allow you to start the cure process.
However, as the famous saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’. A lot of exposure to sunlight, and eating the food items with the correct nutrients can help an individual in maintaining the Vitamin D levels in his body along with him or her sustaining strong bones for a longer period of time.

Currently, according to recent statistics, Vitamin D deficiency is very common in the Indian subcontinent with more than ten million cases each year. Treatment of this disease, in some cases, requires a medical diagnosis by a professional in its early stages so as to prevent it from affecting the body in a farfetched, irreversible way. Once taken under proper health care and treated with the correct medication and supplements as well as lots and lots of correct food intake, the inadequacy of this particular vitamin could take a few months to get resolved. This is the case, if it’s treated in the early stage. In the later stage, when the bones loses its strength, adequate amount of proper physiotherapy is usually needed for the patient to recover from joint pains and severe body ache.

All in all, children and adult both need to spend an adequate time outdoors enjoying the sunlight, so as to keep oneself healthy and to prevent bones from turning brittle and minimizing the risk of not being able to walk up stairs or run distances. Talking a stroll in the sun, and eating food containing a lot of vitamin D can reduce the risk of a lot of heart diseases. Even though it is not common tea, the deficiency of any particular vitamin can cause a generic issue in your natural system; vitamin D here being one of the more important ones.

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