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How Do People Age

People Age

Ageing is result of the gradual failure of the body’s cells and organs to replace and repair themselves. This is because there is a limit to the number of times that each cell can divide.

This happens when people are accidentally, because of wrong decisions, or through harmful environmental factors, exposed to unnecessarily harmful things. The human body is a wonderfully created piece of equipment and it can take a lot of punishment but that is no excuse to abuse it. People who abuse their bodies, thus prompting themselves to age much quicker than normal, generally have less energy than they are supposed to have, have a less-than-normal appearance, and, if one must be frank, live shorter lives than people who take better care of their bodies.

As the body’s cell begin to near this limit, the rate at which they divide slows down. Sometimes the new cells that are produced have defects or do not carry out their usual task effectively.

Organs can then begin to fail,tissues change in structure , and the chemical recations that power the body become less efficient. Sometimes the blood supply to the brain is not effective. The brain cells become starved of oxygenand nutrients , leading to forgetfulness. For most old people memories bring great pleasure. Strangely, even though recent events may be forgotten, old people often clearly remember events that took place in their childhood.

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