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How can we keep our heart healthy

Healthy Heart
As we all know that a healthy heart is very important for our health.if our heart will be healthy then our body will be healthy. We all know that heart is the most valuable organ in our body. 
If your heart is healthy you will feel always good and energetic and if your heart is not healthy then you never feel healthy and energetic and sometimes not healthy heart leads to death.
So, the meaning of healthy heart is your heart rate should be on target, your blood pressure should be optimal and you feel constantly active and your diet is good and we all know that good diet leads to the healthy heart.
There are some simple ways to know that your heart is healthy or not. Your heart should be healthy because it leads to the good health. Some problems of the heart are the manifest themselves in an unusual way just because of this you need to be very careful about your heart-related problems. You shouldn’t ignore heart -related problems because sometime when we ignore these problems then somewhere this problems will lead to the death. So let’s talk about some signs of healthy heart 
(1)    Lots of energy 
This is the first important sign of the healthy heart. You know that the energy of our body plays the most important role in our life so, if you feel you are very active and you are feeling very energetic it means that the performance of your heart is very good, it means your heart is well performing and if you don’t feel the same it means that somewhere your heart is not healthy.
(2)    Pulse rate
As we know that the role of the pulse rate is the most important in our body. Your pulse rate tells that your heart is good or not.
So, you can check your pulse rate by feeling or by doctor’s instruments or you can go to the clinic. 
 The correct pulse rate for adults 18 and older, a normal resting heart rate is between  60 and 100 beats per minute (bpm) and it will depend on the person’s physical condition, whether it’s heart is good or not.
For children age 6 to 15, a normal resting rate us between  70 and 100 beats per minute (bpm).
(3)    Blood pressure 
You should keep checking your blood pressure. Your blood pressure shouldn’t be higher or lower.your blood pressure should be in control.
To follow a healthy lifestyle at this level, more than 120 over 80 and less than 140 over 90. (120/80-140/90) it means that you have a normal blood pressure reading. 
Best exercise for heart
There are some kinds of exercise that lead to Good health. If you really want that your heart should be healthy then here are some exercise to keep your heart healthy. You should do this exercise on a regular basis because everyone wants a good heart. 
(1)    Aerobic exercise (cardio)
Running, jogging is some examples of this. This type of exercise gives strength to your lungs and it improves the body ability to use oxygen.
(2)    Stretching  
Before you do any exercise stretching is the most important because stretching helps to open your inner muscles. Regular stretching increases the flexibility and range of motion.
(3)    Strength training 
We know that the strength training helps in to control bad cholesterol. We should do this exercise on regular basis. This exercise also reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke.
(4)    Walking 
Walking is enjoyable, safe, inexpensive and easy to fit, you should start a walk in the early morning because walking is very good for a healthy heart. An early riser can be a regular morning Walker. Nowadays we are living in a very fast life. We have to work around the clock. We hardly have time to care for own health.
Also walking is a way to burn calories and it also offers a way to relax. Nowadays doctors recommend a daily walk that lasts 30minutes. Walking is the mode of cardiovascular exercise for it improves blood circulation and makes the heart beat efficiently and it is best to walk on an empty stomach.
           First of all, you should avoid bad food that contains bad cholesterol because bad cholesterol isn’t good for health. We should always eat healthy food that is our good for health. When we will eat good healthy food then automatically our heart will get healthy. You should also manage your stress level because this is also the main feature that plays important role in our body. 
 You shouldn’t smoke, as we all see in advertisements that always say that smoking is injurious to health, because smoking effects very badly to the heart and as long as your heart will not be healthier anymore. You should avoid drinking alcohol because alcohol damage the heart.
You should start meditation. Mediation not only good for relaxing the body and quieting the mind, but t may also play the role in reducing the heart disease. Good sleep is also another payoff meditation on regular basis, poor sleep habit is also linked with the greater risk of heart disease so you should sleep well.
          Sometimes money problem also affects the heart, because when we suffer from money problem it means that you are in stress, you know stress leads to the heart disease. 
So you should try to avoid money problems even you should avoid any kind of that effects on your heart then you can get a good healthy heart. The one more problem
      is overweight, so if you are suffering from overweight it means that you are gonna suffer from heart disease. An overweight increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. You should
         not overweight because overweight gives many problems to our body for example : 
       high blood pressure, diabetes, pulse rate increase etc. So we should be careful about our health.
A healthy diet can be good for your heart as well as for your body then you can definitely 
         Reduce the risk of heart disease. Try to eat good healthy food that keeps you healthy.there
Is a great variety of fruits and vegetables which is good for your health.
Here are some foods that are good for your health 
1.    Dark Chocolate – it is very good for your healthy heart and doctors also suggest that 
Dark chocolate is good for the heart.
2.    Veggies like red, yellow and orange such as carrot, sweet Potatoes are also good for a healthy heart.
3.    Oranges, cantaloupe, and papaya these fruits are very good for a healthy heart.
4.    Almonds or walnuts also help your heart.
5.    Eating fish is the best diet for the heart because it contains vitamins.
6.    Vegetables contain vitamins so, this is also good for a heart.
7.    Broccoli, some doctors suggest that regularly eating of steamed broccoli can lower the cholesterol level and we know that the low cholesterol is good for a heart 
8.    Chia seeds and flaxseed – these seeds contain omega-3, omega-3 have many good
Effects such as LDL, total cholesterol and lower level of Triglycerides. These seeds also control the blood pressure.
Omega-3 decreases the risk of disorders that can be lead to a heart attack.
9.    Coffee- coffee is also very good for a heart, a recent study found that regularly drinking 
Is linked with a decreased the risk of developing heart failure and stroke.
10.    Red wine – very rare people know that red wine is very good for health. Red wine 
Contains beneficial antioxidant but it should be consumed in moderation.
11.    Spinach –you can maintain your healthy heart by eating spinach regularly. Spinach is one 
One of the best source of magnesium.
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