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How fast does hair grow

hair grow

For men and women who are becoming a little bald, hair doesn’t grow fast enough! But in the case of young boy, the hair seems to grow too fast! The rate at which hair grows has actually been measured and found to be about 1.5cm (half an inch) a month. The hair doesn’t grow at the same rate throughout the  day but seems to follow a kind of rhythm.

At night, the hair grows slowly, but as day begins, this is speeded up. Between 10and 11am, the speed of growth is at its greatest. Then the hair grows slowly again. It picks up speed between 4 and 6pm, and then the growing slows up again.

Of Course, these variations in the speed of growth are so tiny that of the mirror at 10am and be able to watch your hair sprouting up ! Not all people have the same amount of hair. Blond people tend to have finer hair, but more profuse than dark people. Red-haired people have the coarsest and fewest hairs.

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