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Healthy Oral health for Healthy Body

Healthy Oral health for Healthy Body

Have you ever thought that a big smile in your face can make you feel special and refresh within you? Why only you, it can make others also feel happy. When you just wake up in the morning and see your smiling face in the mirror then every bad dream or anything bad goes away. But, what happens if your smile is not beautiful, it is dirty or it smells a lot, it has black and yellow patches and many more. The refreshment of your day will go in vain. You will not at all be enthusiastic to start your day or face it to anyone and it is true.
The second person does not wish to talk to you or stand near you if your oral health is bad. The behaviour of the person changes. The second question regarding your health. How do you eat? The answer would be through after chewing it properly with the help of the teeth, feeling the taste from the taste and then finally swallowing it. It is a big task to eat something but it is very important because makes our cells and give energy to our body. You got the answer correct which is mouth but have paid attention to the process and the parts. The whole process starts with the oral and it continued in the oral parts which are inside the mouth including teeth and the tongue. So we can say through this is that the contact point of the food in our body is the mouth. It means this should be maintained clean and properly and with great care.
Further, what happens when you visit a doctor? Most of the times the doctors ask the patients to show off their tongue but why? This is because the colour of your tongue gives a lot of information to the doctors. With the help of your tongue, they get to know about what type of disease you might be facing and in which condition the disease is at that point in time.
Thus with the above discussion, we can say that the oral health is the preface of the overall health or in simple word it can be said oral health is overall health. If your oral health is healthy then your complete health is the best.
Further, if we explain the same with the help of some medical and biological terms then it can be said that oral health is the process of taking care of mouth, teeth, and gums. Taking care means to prevent tooth decay, bad breath, gum diseases in the lifetime. We discussed a lot about what is oral health and it is connected with the overall health of the person but does anyone know why it is important to have healthy oral health. We will give you the answer.
Why is oral health important?
Periodontal is one of the common diseases suffered by most of the individual if he does not care about the oral health. If a person does not take care of the oral health then the teeth might get attacked by the germs which would lead to oral infections. The oral infections include tooth decay and gum diseases. If we take an extra care of our oral hygiene then the bones through which we get the oral support will not be lost and it will be strong forever. The decomposition of the bacteria and the plaque will also be reduced which will diminish the problem of bad breath.
We came to know about the common disease like tooth decay, bad breath, hum problem due to bad oral health issues but there are many diseases associated with this problem. They are as follows:
Cardiovascular Disease
The bacteria that occur due to periodontal disease actually moves down to the bloodstreams. This builds plaque and hardens the arteries and it is called atherosclerosis. It can also cause heart blockage leading to heart attacks.
We discussed the gum infection in the starting infection so the bacteria in this problem kill the brain cell which leads to memory loss.
Respiratory Infections
When we breathe, a lot of bacteria travel from infected teeth and swollen gums to the bloodstream which leads to respiratory infections. Some respiratory infections are pneumonia, acute bronchitis etc.
In case the person is suffering from diabetes and has bad oral health then the chances are such that the sugar level will never be controlled. You will get a high sugar level.
Kidney Disease
If a person is suffering from gum disease then there chances that the immune system of the person is very weak, thus he will get more prone to the infections. This can further lead to kidney failure or cardiovascular disease.
We came to know that we will face a number of problems if we do not take good care of our oral health. Even though we know that we will face so many problems we do get a perfect solution from the same. The basic advice that a person gets or the other person gives is the general advice like brushing the teeth twice a day etc. This is not enough to maintain the best oral hygiene and be away from all the diseases associated with the same. The person has to follow some more rules to stay healthy.
Some care and suggestions about the oral health are the following:
•    Brushing of the teeth should be proper with some proper guidelines:
•    While brushing, the movement of the brush should be in 45-degree. The movement should be up and down and not left to right or right to left. This helps to prick between the teeth. The back of the teeth should also be focused.  
•    At least two minutes time should be given to brush the teeth and it should be done twice a day. You can set the timer on the phone for the proper time duration.
•    The right type and size of the brush should be used. Mostly small and medium-sized toothbrush is used. The brush should be regularly changed. Once it becomes hard. it should be changed immediately.
•    Flossing is must and should be done properly.
•    Flossing is the process in which the person fills the mouth with the water, move the water in the different direction inside the mouth and throw out. In this process, if done properly, the germs stuck between the teeth gets. This process is majorly done after the meal.
•    Tongue scraper should be used
•    Just like you brush twice, the tongue should also be cleaned twice a day and for which tongue scraper should be used. It removes the bacteria which remain in the tongue even after brushing and also the breath gets fresh.
•    The teeth-friendly diet should be followed
•    Food items like apple, vegetable, nuts, fruits, and chicken are very good for the growth and maintenance of the teeth. Use of packaged food, snacks, sodas, and alcohol should be limited forever. Even the consumption of sugar should be very less.
•    You should visit the dentist regularly
•    Even though you follow all the rules and guidelines to maintain good oral health you should regularly have the dental check-up. The dental check-up includes visiting the dentists on the regular basis even if you do not face any problem in your oral health. The dentist will be able to provide you with the exact condition of your teeth and the treatment if required.
We came to know a lot about the oral health with the above-mentioned discussion and what problems a person might face if his oral health is not healthy and what he should do maintain a good oral health. There are still many things that we might not know about the oral and how people react to those issues.
•    People think that oral health can be improved in a day. They think that if they brush hard for one day then their teeth will shine forever. This is not true, the process of oral health treatment takes time and it is an ongoing process.
•    There are more than twenty-seven percent of the population who visits a dentist only if they suffer from any tooth problems. Other time they ignore their oral region and do have time for the same. This should not be done rather the person should visit the dentist on the regular basis.
•    In case the household expense increases the first thing that the family members do is to cut down the dental products even though they need in urgent. They know they have to replace the brush still, they will avoid. The person should never follow this habit; they should avoid something else at their expense but not the oral products.
At last, in one line it can be concluded that healthy oral health is the must for the overall healthy body and healthy life.

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