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What happens when you get addicted to something or someone? You cannot leave without that person or that thing. You eagerly at that point itself require that thing and if you do not get the same it might have a negative effect on your mind, soul, and body.
How to enhance Concentration and Memory power
Brain, the most important part of the human body. It is the main centre which makes the work or you can say the activities that a person does during his lifetime is all because of the presence of the brain in the human body. The brain is the central part of the centre of the nervous system situated in all the vertebrates.
Anger Management
There is no doubt that we all live in an anger society. We know that the anger is one of the most common and frequent emotion that we all experienced. In everyone’s life anger is a part of our survival defensive mechanism.
How does mental disability affect an individual’s daily life?
How does mental disability affect an individual’s daily life?
Mental Health issues
Mental Health issues
deeper awareness
Learn to live this life to the fullest so that you learn to live the subsequent ones even better, if and when they come. The solution to life does not lie in finding an escape from it in either a temporary or permanent way, imaginary or real. It lies in learning to live it correctly, joyously and ceaselessly with enthusiasm. Nirvana, Moksha or Baikuntha do not exist in an imaginary tomorrow but rather in today’s reality.
Instant Pleasure
It is wise to choose decisions that give more weight to distant pains and distant pleasures instead of ones that stem from consideration only of the instant set of “pains and pleasures
Real Wealth
The real measure of your wealth is how much you would be worth if you lost all your money.
Sorrow of Nature
It is more in our nature to be happy and not in sorrow; but the reality is the reverse: We are more in sorrow than in happiness
Attention is sometimes described as a spotlight, focusing your awareness on a subset of what's going on in your head or in your environment.
Vision, Role Models and Chewable Goals
Vision, role models and chewable goals. There is no one among us without a vision; though we may be consciously unaware of it.
self improvement
There are two kinds of pain in life: the pain of hard work or of other sacrifices necessary to materialize your dreams and the pain of not being able to do so.
Visualization is a potent tool for actualization of our dreams. It help make our future sound and secure by realization our unaccomplished desires.
Here are some secrets of happiness. You incorporate these secrets in your life, you shall be able to enjoy each and every day of your life to the fullest.
Habits of highly creative people
Creative people do not do anything different, but they think differently. Here is list of Habits of highly creative people.
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