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Addiction- A bad impact

Addiction- A bad impact
What happens when you get addicted to something or someone? You cannot live without that person or that thing. You eagerly at that point itself require that thing and if you do not get the same it might have a negative effect on your mind, soul, and body. With this explanation how can you define the word addiction? It is a process or the fact when a person gets addicted to a particular substance, activity or some person. The addiction to anything is not good for the health of a person. Parents say that their child should focus more on studies than anything else but the addiction to studies is also very bad as it makes the body of the person very lethargic which has an adverse effect on the body in future. 
Today the time has changed and the life is running very fast and basically for the young adults. They wish to achieve everything in the younger age and live a relaxed life forever. Once they get everything and earn lot they get habituated to late night parties, discos and get addicted to many other things in their hangover and ego of money. This is one side of the story why a person gets addicted to bad things. 
The other side of the story is that if the person or the young adults do not get anything in the proper time and at the right time of life then they get depressed and get addicted to the wrong things. The pressure of the peer group is also one of the major reasons that a person is pushed into this hole. 
But what exactly this addiction is all about?  This addiction is for the illegal things which include alcohol, smoking, and drugs. None of these mentioned addictions is good for the health of the person. But how?
Drug addiction is something when it causes financial, emotional, and other problems for you or your loved ones.
The short-term effects of drug addiction can range from changes in appetite, wakefulness, heart rate, blood pressure, and/or mood to heart attack, stroke, psychosis, overdose, and even death. These health effects may occur after just one use. The long-term effects can include heart or lung disease, cancer, mental illness, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and others. This addiction can also cause brain disorders. These are the effects that a person faces when he is addicted to illegal things but how can we prevent it. How will we come to know that a person is addicted and what are the early signs for the same?
There are three different forms of changes that can be seen in the person who suffers from these addictions and they are physical, behavioural and emotional. The physical signs are over-active or under-active, repetitive speech patterns, runny nose, red eyes, weight loss and change in eating habits. The behavioural signs are missing work or school, missing important engagements, disrupted sleep pattern, legal problems, financial problems, and financial problems. The emotional signs are Irritability or argumentative, defensiveness, Inability to deal with stress, loss of interest in activities or people, confused and diverting from the main topics. In case any of these signs are seen in any of the people a special attention should be given on the immediate basis. 
Every action has a number of causes behind that make it happen because nothing can happen in a few hours or a few days. The main causes that make a person addicted to these actions are family history or genetic factors, poor coping skills for dealing with stress, negative thinking such as an all-or-nothing approach to life, and underlying anxiety or depression. Among these causes, there are some that cannot be avoided but can be prevented but in other cases, it can be completely avoided and no changes of any bad addiction can be developed at any time or age of the life. 
 There is a tendency in the mind of the people that if the person gets addicted to any illegal things or habits he can never be treated and can never be brought back to the normal life. But frankly speaking, this is just a myth and the fact is that the addiction can be treated in a proper manner and with different ways, whichever is suitable for the patient. This addiction is typically a chronic disorder for which short-time or one-time treatment is usually not sufficient. The types of treatment options which are used to treat these patients are detoxification, behavior modification, counselling, and medications. The doctor or the therapist may recommend one or more treatment options to the patients as per the requirement. The detoxification program helps to break the person body’s physical addiction to alcohol and the symptoms of physical withdrawal can be very dramatic. The symptoms can be shaking, confusion, hallucinations or convulsions. This treatment is done either in the therapy treatment centre or hospital. 
The next treatment option is behavior modification where the person needs to learn skills and coping mechanisms to help to avoid alcohol once he leaves the treatment centre or returns back to familiar environments where the urge to drink may be stronger. These mechanisms can be taught by the counsellor or the other treatment programs. 
The next option for the treatment of the addiction is counselling where a doctor may advise for the one-on-one counselling or group counselling. Group counselling is the best at the person suffering from this problem gets to connect with other people who are facing similar challenges. The person gets answers to many unanswered questions in these group counselling. 
The last and the final treatment option is medication. The several medicines used to treat alcohol addiction are disulfiram, acamprosate, and naltrexone.
•    Disulfiram is an alcohol-sensitizing drug that lowers the desire to drink by making the person sick when he consumes alcohol.
•    Acamprosate helps combat alcohol cravings by restoring the balance of certain chemicals in the brain of the person.
•    Naltrexone blocks the feel-good effects that alcohol has on the brain of the person. Without those good feelings, the person might feel less inclined to drink.
These are some options which are prescribed by the doctors to the treat the patient the most important thing is that the person who is facing this situation needs to be strong and the people around should maintain a suitable environment so that the person gets cured fast. 
What happens when you are addicted to something from so many days and finally you have to live the whole without that particular thing? It hurts and the body and the personality of the person react to the extent. When the addiction is good then the term hurt might work but not in any other case like the addiction of illegal things. Even after the treatment, it takes time to recover and the life changes completely. The life starts from the scratch or you can say life gets the new beginning after the recovery from the addiction. The person should try to be happy in any situation he faces after the recovery and should gain the courage to drop all that relations that forced him to come in that condition. The attitude of the person should be changed from anger and pain to calmness and peace of mind. The person needs more choosy in whatever he does be it a relationship or work. We all know it is difficult but possible. Be brave and you can achieve everything.
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