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deeper awareness

This is the only life you have because, even if there are any others, you cannot live them now for they are meant to be lived when you have them, not before. Learn to live this life to the fullest so that you learn to live the subsequent ones even better, if and when they come. The solution to life does not lie in finding an escape from it in either a temporary or permanent way, imaginary or real. It lies in learning to live it correctly, joyously and ceaselessly with enthusiasm. Nirvana, Moksha or Baikuntha do not exist in an imaginary tomorrow but rather in today’s reality. You may well be turning your back to it.

In order to be happy, you need to feel happiness. If you are living in a sea of happiness but don’t know how to feel what you are in touch with, I am sure there will be no happiness for you. Nirvana or Moksha, like happiness, are no different. The road to Moksha, Nirvana or God is an inward journey of progressively deeper awareness of what you already are.

Sages emphasize the need to flow with life, but often without cautioning us that flowing with life, doesn’t mean living absent- mindedly. One of the greatest spiritual qualities is that of being mindfully aware of what and why one is doing what one is doing at any moment. Most people don’t realize that flowing with life or living a life of surrender is not the same as living irresponsibly, absent- mindedly, passively or purposelessly.

The realization that what we were going through so far was “life” and what all we could have done with it dawns on us just a few minutes before death. How pathetic, painful and regretful! I wonder, if only we could get to live those last five minutes of realization somewhere towards the early or even in the middle part of life, how much life it could inject into our lives. And I also wonder what possibly would what possibly would happen if, once introduced to this realization, we could live every five minutes of life like those five minutes.


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