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Get it” stands for “Give all that it takes” – including risks- to fulfill your heart’s intentions for this is the only way to play safe in life. There are two kinds of pain in life: the pain of hard work or of other sacrifices necessary to materialize your dreams and the pain of not being able to do so. The former kind is more desirable than the latter. Your subconscious mind and nature conspire to make you taste a life that you find most acceptable considering your present perception of the pain-pleasure equilibrium.

Between the two zeros of what you possess at your birth and death, you have only one thing with you- the adventure of playing the game of life with utmost enthusiasm, adventure and with a progressively bigger and still bigger heart till there is nothing left outside it. The heart cracks only when it resists becoming bigger.

How valuable would diamonds be if they were as common as pebbles on the road? There value is only because they are rare and need ceaseless effort to mine and cut them to shape. The value of your life, in a similar way, comes not from your achievements or where you have arrived at, but from the quality of awareness and commitment with which you are making ceaseless efforts to make it shine further with worth, value and meaning.

Growth or further “shine” comes by making yourself progressively more sincere and competent and by stepping up your contribution to society. Life is meant for “giving” and for enjoying that. It has absolutely no other purpose because whatever we try to take from it, will have to be given back some day or the other. It will not stay with us. Everything is to be given back one day, but when we give it willingly while we are alive, we do not miss the joy of doing so. Paradoxically, whenever we wish to hold onto life, we lose it and when we tend to give it away, we live on. Whatever and whenever we give, we, in fact, give to no one else but to ourselves. 

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