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How to prevent and control Anger with Anger Management

Anger Management


There is no doubt that we all live in an anger society. We know that the anger is one of the most common and frequent emotion that we all experienced. In everyone’s life anger is a part of our survival defensive mechanism. Some people are comfortable with their anger is some are not. We know that the anger is an emotional response when looking at the obstruction in reaching of the target. We all faced anger with such example every single day sometimes we do not get about what we want and have and then we get frustrated and then anger comes simultaneously.

Generally, anger is expressed emotion, bringing out negative emotions, fear, hesitation, and insecurity. Some problems are very common in human life such as frustration, threats, disappointment generating anger in our mind and then we get angry simultaneously. In human life, a lot of conflicts generate anger every day like legal discard, aggression, unachieved goals, bad grades in school, and bad grades in college and teacher-child violence.

Symptoms of anger

(1)    Blame other people
In our society, some people are those who blame others and some don’t. So let’s talk about the people who blame others, it is easy to get angry when you blame other people because you think that feeling like other people are at fault for your own situation and this can be quite annoying. That's why people get angry.
(2)    Misappropriate to the situation at hand
Some people get too much angry and some people not. It’s ok to get angry but sometimes it's not ok to completely lose your mind. In our society, many people are like those who get angry with one small thing. It is not good to get angry over something small.               
(3)    Very short fuse
Every small anger people have a very short emotional life, it means that the threshold of their life for patience is very thin and they will often explore at the drop of a hat of you are being unable to control your outburst indicates that you may have an anger problem
(4)    Holding grudges
In this world, many people are those who hold grudges for a long time. Hanging onto the resentment is a good indicator of an anger problem. If you can’t forgive someone for the mistake and you constantly bring up the offense to tear others down, it is a sign of that you have an anger problem.
(5)    Violent behavior
We know that the violent behavior is very bad for human health and physical violence, screaming or yelling is another sign of anger management issues. The violent behavior can shorten your life and we know that happy people live longer lives, so you should try to not get violent and try to get happy every time. The problem of anger management is usually committed with the drug and white plague but once anger problems drag then drug or alcohol can abuse nearly.
So, everyone should try to get happy in anyways and avoid anger because everyone knows that anger is not good for human health.


(1)    Mismanaged stress
Stress can come in any form like, if you are not getting a job and you are upset then you might have to stress, unhappy relationships of you are not happy in your relationship then again here, you have to suffer from stress or death of loved ones etc. If the stress became chronic or not managed properly, then anger issues can become more frequent and may turn into a habit.
(2)    Low self-esteem
In our society many people are low self-esteemed, people with low self-esteemed tend to do threats to themselves, their goals or needs. We know anger is a natural emotional response to threat. Many people with low self-esteem react in this misinterpreted threat with anger.
(3)    Hurting other emotions
Some people are very hurtful and some are not. Sometimes the emotions of their people are too hurtful or overwhelming to express and thus they become overshadowed by expression of anger
(4)    Medications
Sometimes many medicines can give side effect. Anger or emotional liability can be side effects of certain medications. If you are having an overdose of medications or taking the wrong medications it can result in the episode of excessive anger.


(1)    About the consequences
Before getting angry you should think about the consequences of your bad behavior. You should realize that how you behave can affect those who love you and those around you. Everyone should think about the consequences because this is good for themselves.
(2)    Before reacting
When you get anger, you should take a second before reacting because it is good for you not for others. Take a minute and count 1 to 10 before reacting, this trick can be very helpful.
(3)    Pay attention
You should pay attention when you are angry because at that time your body works very badly. When you started to notice your body beginning to react, its time to calm down and try to identify the feeling before reacting.
(4)    Improves skills
When you get angry, you should try to improve your problem-solving skills. When faced with a difficult situation or any conflict try to learn as much as you can. Because this thing may prevent you from making quick judgments that may be wrong. There are many ways to look at the same situation.
(5)    What upsets you?
No doubt most of the people do not pay attention to what upsets them. When you try to pay attention to your problems you and will not get angry, you are able to figure out what triggers you. It’s up-to you how to react to the strategies that can help you to stay happy.
So whenever you start feeling angry, you should try to take a deep breath and try to do positive self-talk and one thing, also try to stop your angry thoughts. You should breathe deeply from your diaphragm and slowly repeat a calm word or relax word and repeat it to yourself while breathing deeply until the anger subsides.


We all know that anger is not good for human behavior or for human health. Anger is a danger to human health, there are many health warnings of a anger issue

(1)    Stroke risk
Stroke risk is one of the health warnings of an anger issue. Many researchers found that three times higher risk of having a stroke from a blood clot to the brain or bleeding with the brain during the two hours after an angry outburst. Anger can affect your brain nerves and you can suffer from stroke risk. So try to avoid anger
(2)    Immune system
Some people are those who get angry every time, so let me tell you anger can weaken your immune system. If you are mad all the time you just might find yourself feeling sick more often.
(3)    Linked with depression
Many researchers found that the anger is also linked with depression, many people who get angry every time then let me remind you that you can go into the depression and we all know that depression is very bad for human health.
(4)    Blood pressure
When you get angry your blood pressure either increase or decrease and also increases your heart rate which is very bad for your health because when anger comes and when all these problems happen then it triggers to your health. You may be getting a heart attack or stroke.
(5)    Backache
(6)    Tiredness
(7)    Skin disorders
(8)    Eating Disorders
(9)    Self-injury

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