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Significance of Concentration


Indian children are told how Arjuna was asked to focus on a bird’s eye as a target for his arrow, as an exercise in concentration. Ralph Waldo Emerson has said, “Concentration is the secret of success in politics, in war, in all management of human affairs.”

One way of determining your purpose in life is to engage in an activity in which you completely lose awareness of time and space because you are fully concentrated on it. That would be the activity in which you are in your element. Though it can be described as an intense concentration, Osho has elevated it to the level of meditation. He even goes to say that when you are happy doing whatever you are doing, you are automatically meditative. Meditation is a function of happiness, and not the other way around.

In the children’s context, if their concentration is monitored proactively, it could give an indication of their purpose in life many people complain that they do not even know what their real interest is. This could be one way of finding out.

Emerson’s statement has a different connotation as well. In yoga the power of concentration is the power of the human mind. People are able to perform miraculous feats with the power of concentration. In this context, if you are caught in a wrong profession, your power of concentration can go a long way in mitigating your misery. One can pass by with a reasonable degree of efficiency if the general level of concentration is high. Even forced concentration would work with different individuals, differently in different professions, depending upon the degree of mismatch.
So, either one is in the right profession (spontaneous concentration) or the general level of concentration is high. At least one of the two should be strong for you to be adept at what you are doing. Therefore, developing concentration is important not only among children but among us too.

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