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Vision, Role Models and Chewable Goals

Vision, Role Models and Chewable Goals

There is no one among us without a vision; through we may be consciously unaware of it. You arrive in life where your vision takes you. And where you are now can help you discover the subconscious vision that you had been carrying all this while. And if this is true, you can easily determine where you would find yourself tomorrow, if you ruthlessly examine your hidden vision. And your vision can be consciously changed simply by your jotting it down and reminding yourself of it many times during the day- preferably thrice a day; and before going to sleep.

There are three kinds of vision. Examine which one is closest to yours:

  • Red vision that stems from a fear of losing what one has acquired already and hence is more concerned about maintaining a status quo.
  • Yellow vision that stems from a fear of failure and, hence, weighs up what is possible and what is not on the basis of past evidence.
  • Green vision that stems not from fear but from love: that seeks to fulfill one’s dreams about how at the world should be. A person with green vision is committed to giving whatever it takes to fulfill his/her vision. It requires a quantum leap of faith, courage and passion for one to shift to a green vision. But it is possible.

A growing tree may compare itself with another that is mature and feel incomplete, not realizing that it is already that if only it allows itself to grow according to the information programmed in its seed. It can only interfere and keep it from acquiring its complete and abundant from by doubting and worrying about it. So, realize that your role model too was once like you, but instead of getting intimidated by the size of the goal he had set out to achieve, he systematically divided the whole journey into baby steps that he could take every day.

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