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What is the main cause of hiccups and How do you stop it.

As we all know that everyone has hiccups, some people have often hiccups and some more. So, when you hiccup, a spasm of the diaphragm produce a sudden breathing, this is the condition having a spasm. A spasm is a sudden feeling of tightness in the muscles which you cannot control. A hiccup sound is a very sharp sound. When you hiccup you get a very sharp sound in your throat because sometimes you have been eating or drinking quickly. Hiccup is a minor difficulty or a problem. Acid reflux, acid reflux is a disease which is common behind the hiccups. Hiccups can vary from a person to person may feel hiccups, while others feel a strong contraction in the diaphragm followed by a loud hiccup sound. The diaphragm is very important in the breathing process. Sometimes the contraction occurs, when your vocal cords are much closed off immediately afterward. It’s the part of the hiccup process that results in the audible sound of the hiccup. Sometimes the most important thing is to pay attention to hiccups is how long they actually last.
          There are most common factors of hiccups and it includes less than 48 hours 
(1)    Drinking too many beverages 
(2)    Taking too much alcohol 
(3)    Having too much food quickly 
(4)    When you feel very excited 
(5)    When you are very emotional 
(6)    Sudden changes in temperature 
(7)    Swallowing air with chewing gum
(8)    Sometimes hiccup gets started when you are feeling very nervous.
(9)    When you are very tensed about something.
If hiccups can last more than 48 hours, then it may create problems.
(a)    Central nervous system disorder 
More hiccups can damage your Central nervous system as a result of trauma. Trauma can disrupt your body’s control of the hiccup reflex.
Some examples are 
(1)    Stroke  
(2)    Tumors 
(3)    Traumatic Brain Injury
(4)    Meningitis 
(b)    Nerve damage 
A cause of long-term hiccups can damage the phrenic nerve. Factors that may cause nerve damage includes 
(1)    A sore throat 
(2)    A hair in your ear touching your eardrum
(3)    Goiter in your neck 
(c)    Metabolic disorders and drugs 
(1)    Alcoholism 
(2)    Diabetes 
(3)    Steroids 
(4)    Anesthesia 
(5)    Kidney Disease 
(d)    Mental or emotional issues 
As we all know that the men are much more likely to develop long-term hiccups than women. The anxiety, stress, and excitement associated with the short term and long term hiccups.
(e)    Surgery – some people develop after undergoing general anesthesia.
(f)    The problem in liver, including swelling, infection, this can cause irritation in the diaphragm which can cause hiccups.
(g)    Some medication contains acid reflux may also cause hiccups as a side effect.
(h)     Sometimes stroke or brain tumors involving the brain stem causes the hiccup.
(i)    Having too much spicy food, because spicy food doesn’t get a suit to some people that is why people start hiccuping.
(j)    Liver disease, pneumonia these diseases irritate the nerves that control the diaphragm and then people get hiccups.
(k)    Abdominal surgeries Can also irritate the nerves and cause hiccups.
(l)    Intractable hiccups is also the effect of acid reflux disease 
(m)    As we know that many disorders involving an autonomic nervous system which control unconscious activities in the body such as breathing, sweating, heartbeat, hiccups, and coughing etc. 
(n)    Sometimes hiccups start often for no apparent reason and sometimes usually go away own in few minutes 
(o)    Hiccups are also associated with pregnancy, pancreatitis, bladder irritation, surgery, the tumor causes persistent hiccups.
(p)    Changes in your body can also cause the hiccups.
(q)    Changes to your brain can also cause the hiccups because some drugs can act on the brain that is why we start hiccups.
(r)    Brain trauma can also cause hiccups.
(s)    Sometimes cancer treatments also cause the hiccups in people because of so many taking drugs in the body.
(t)    Some people also start hiccuping when they are scared of something.
(1)    Eating  
(2)    Sleeping 
(3)    Speech
(4)    Wound healing after surgery
(5)    Depression
(6)    Weight Loss
(7)    Exhaustion 
(8)    Drugs 
Hiccups in infants
A very full stomach can cause hiccups. This could happen when your children eat too much food very quickly or swallow too much air. Some things that irritate too much in Children’s diaphragm. All-time diaphragm works properly. When you inhale, it helps pull air into the lungs, when you exhale then diaphragm relaxes and air flows out but sometimes diaphragm gets irritated, when the air rushing it hits in your voice box and you start hiccups. Hiccups are not harmful in babies. Hiccups can become less frequent as a child gets older but hiccups in a baby can often be caused by an overstretched stomach and it may occur with eating or drinking too much. The stomach expands when baby drinks too much water. Some children get pain in the chest or stomach because of hiccups. During the hiccups diaphragm gets irritated when a baby laughs or in empty stomach, then most babies get hiccups.
Facts About hiccups 
(1)    Humans aren’t the only ones who hiccups 
What do you think, that humans are the only one who gets hiccup if yes then you are wrong, humans aren’t the only ones who hiccups even mammals most, most mammals hiccups but humans do more hiccup more than other animals. 
(2)    No one knows why hiccups exist 
Some of the scientists say that the hiccups are the trait left over from our evolutionary past. Some others say that the hiccup helps prepare for breathing.
(3)    The longest case of hiccup is for 68 years but a normal period of hiccup lasts a few minutes, but there was a man who had hiccups from 1922 to 1960 until he was 96 years old.
(4)    According to the United States National Library of Medicine, the normal rate of frequency can be anywhere from 4 to 60 hiccups per minute. The meaning of this line is, some people do hiccups once every single second when they have a period. 
(5)    Hiccups have many different causes 
Some people are not aware of this, that the hiccups can be caused by smoking, shock, stress, and consumption of alcohol. Sometimes people get hiccups when they are over excited when they are crying or overeating.
(6)    Cats and dogs also have hiccups, it is a sign of a growth spurt. Animals who are with the different breathing mechanism demonstrate hiccup reflexes, but they do not have vocal chords and they don’t produce the classic hiccup sound.
(7)    Hiccup was first coined between 1570 and 1580 CE 
                 May be, you must have heard that people say that whenever you get hiccups somewhere it means that someone is missing you badly, well it is a myth. 
      Some people say that when you get hiccups may be it means that someone is calling out your name. This is nothing like that but it is a myth.
     May be you heard by someone that when you get hiccups, someone is doing back bitching of yours or someone is disparaging about you, this is a myth. Some superstitious people say that horse-shoe brings not only good luck but can cure hiccups.
In India, some people say that hiccupping means that you are being remembered somewhere by the family.
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