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What are the areas of the brain called

areas of the brain

Basically the brain can be divided into three different regions: hindbrain, midbrain and forebrain. Each of these regions is in turn divided into separate areas responsible for quite distinct functions, all intricately linked to other parts of the brain.

                The largest structure in the hindbrain is called the cerebellum. The largest part of the entire brain is the cerebrum, which is located in the forebrain. It is more developed in humans than in any other animal. This is where the other parts of the brain send incoming messages for decision. The cerebral cortex is the thick wrinkled layer of grey matter folded over the outside of the cerebrum. This part of the brain has become so highly developed in humans that is has had to fold over in order to fit inside the skull. Unfolded, it would cover an area 30 times as large as when folded.


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