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What determines Eye Color

Eye Color

Eye colour is determined by genes. When you are made two sex cells join: one from your mother and one from your father. These cells to some extent determine what you will look like.

Each gene is made up of two alleles: these can be either dominant or recessive (a dominant allele dominates a recessive allele). Eye colour will be determined by your parents for example: if both your parents have brown eyes and their alleles are the same (homozygous brown) or (BB) the child will definitely have brown eyes.
It is however possible for a person with brown eyes to have a blue eyed allele. Blue is recessive: therefore if you have 1 blue allele and one brown allele you will have brown eyes. Your gene will be (Bb) B= brown and b=blue. If two people with this gene (Bb) have a child there is a 1 in 4 chance that it will have blue eyes. 
Because the blue allele is recessive you will only have blue eyes if your gene is (bb). Therefore two blue eyed people will definitely have a blue eyed baby. 
Green is the most recessive eye colour this means that both blue and brown is dominant over it.
Brown is always dominant over blue. Two people, one with two genes for brown eyes, the other with two genes for blue eyes

(A) will have children who all have brown eyes. However, if two brown – eyed parents

(B) carry the heterozygous recessive blue gene they will have one blue eyed child for every three brown eyed children. 


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