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What does obesity do to the body

Obesity-A major health issue
When a person is healthy, fat or on the chubby side then he is looked upon by many of the people and sometimes they become a source of a joke for everyone. People call them by different and it becomes difficult for the person to survive in societies. But the only question arises here that it is the right way to treat such a person? Is it their mistake that they are fat or facing this problem throughout their life? How mentally disturbed a person would have been who is going through this situation. It is not the mistake of any individual. It is a disease that happens to happen to individual due hereditary issues or it is developed at the later stage of the life due to the changing lifestyle of the person. 
How do express or define the term obesity? Medically it is defined as the excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body. This accumulation of excessive fat in the body has the negative effect on the health of the person. It is said that if the body weight of the person is at least twenty percent higher than it should be then he or she is considered obese. The next question that arises is that what are the causes of obesity? Today the lifestyle of the person has changed and the people are drifting away from the homemade foods and are mostly depended upon the outside foods. These outside foods mostly consist of junk foods or the processed foods. Due to the work pressure and the race of earning more and more people have forgotten to sleep and they do not get time workout to keep the body fit. The late night parties have disrupted the sleep of an individual. There is a specific time in which a person should adhere to sleep properly. So basically we can say that the reasons by which a person gets obese are the intake of excessive food especially the junk foods, lack of physical activities and the shortage of sleep. 
If we keep these reasons aside then there are more other reasons that make the person obese. If an individual avoids junk food, exercise regularly and sleep on time for the specific period then also his body tends to get accumulated with fat. Due to you know the reasons for the same? The other cases are caused primarily by genes, endocrine disorders, medications, or mental disorder. What happens is that even a person eats less he gains weight due to the slow metabolism. The main problem that the body of the obese person has to face is that they have to spend more energy than others to maintain an increased body mass.
Every disease comes with many complications and same is when a person suffers from obesity. In case a person is obese he or she can suffer from Coronary heart disease, High blood pressure, Stroke, Type 2 diabetes, some cancers, Sleep apnea, High LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, or high levels of triglycerides, Gallstones, Osteoarthritis, Infertility or irregular periods.
The society and medical department have advanced so much that except the few all the diseases or the problems can be treated at a very good level. The medical professional or the person himself can work to treat the problem of obesity. Talking about the medical professionals, a person who is suffering from obesity should consult a dietitian, behavioural therapist, exercise physiologist, and obesity expert. They would advise you about what to eat, how a person should behave during this time period, what exercise the person should do and they will provide you with the detail information about the obesity. The person should be fully aware of the obesity to treat and finish it forever. In case the level of obesity is less and can be treated well in the home then the person should keep some points in mind.
First of all the person needs to change his lifestyle. Changing the lifestyle means to have the good food and avoiding the junk foods, sleep on time and get early after completing seven hours of sleep and do daily workouts. Behavioural change in the person also affects the eating habits like when a person is stressed he tends to eat more. Other than changing the lifestyle many other things would help to reduce weight along with it like maintaining a daily food diary where you will have the record of your eating habits, small changes in eating habits like eating slowly and drinking more water, walk during lunchtime in the office and to have salad in dinner along with fifteen minutes of walk during evening. 
We discussed a lot about the workouts above but it should be kept in mind that all the exercise are not good and intense workouts are not always fruitful. The person should go slow and steady to get the best result. The exercise which is mostly advised for the obese persons is early morning brisk walking, water aerobics, and stationary bike. Along with it if a person is more determined then he can opt for crunches, dumbbells, pushups and many more. Sometimes the gym instructors also play an important role too by advising the best exercise for the obese person. 
It is always advised to an obese person to eat homemade food, avoid junk, eat less and eat light. Then the question here arises that what should a person eat to stay energized and be healthy for the complete day. There is a lot of work an individual has to do in a day to earn money for which he requires energy.  The best-advised food items to reduce weight are whole grains like whole wheat, cut oats, brown rice and quinoa, vegetables which should be colourful but without potatoes, whole fruits but no fruit juices, Nuts, seeds, beans, and other healthful sources of protein like fish and poultry and the last is Plant oils like olive and other vegetable oils. There are many food items that should be strictly avoided to lose weight like Sugar or sweetened beverages, fruit juice which should be taken in a small amount, Refined grains like white bread, white rice, white pasta, sweets Potatoes either baked or fried, Red meat like beef, pork, lamb and processed meats like salami, ham, bacon, sausage and lastly the other highly processed foods, such as fast food. 
The major issue of the weight gain is overeating which most of the people do in any circumstance and it should be avoided. The ways to avoid overeating is eating breakfast. People have a mindset that you will lose weight if you skip the meal but it is not at all correct. So if you skip breakfast it usually backfires as hunger comes raging back mid-day, often leading to overeating. Secondly, it is advised to eat small portions and eat slowly. The other options to avoid overeating are to eat at home and eat mindfully. 
Gaining weight is easier and very fast but losing weight is difficult and very slow but it is not impossible. As said impossible itself says I am Possible. The things that we have discussed above are just like the prescription of the doctor that needs to be followed to lose weight. But is this enough?  No, it is not. The decision taken to lose weight is very big and hard. A person needs to have a strong determination and willpower along with lots of patience. Patience because losing weight is not a one day plan.
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