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What is lymph


Your body main attack force is called the lymph system. Like the blood system, it is a set of vessels which carry liquid round the body. The liquid is called lymph. Lymph contains special white blood cells called lymphocytes. These can make substances called antibodies which fight germs and cope with poisons. It works in the following way: The fluid passes out of the capillary

(1) and either into the vein or into the smallest, thin – walled lymph vessel

(2). These vessels join together to form large channels and finally reach the thoracic duct running next to the descending aorta.

(3) keep lymph flowing in one direction. Lymph glands

(4) are found throughout the body and at places where lymph vessels unite

(5). Valves

(6).This duct joins one of the main branches of the superior vena cava

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